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Monday, 23 March 2009


I love sleep. It's a bit of a luxury these days. I can't ever seem to sleep at the right times. I'm awake most nights, worrying my life away, and sleeping through art history.

At the time this picture was taken, I was with a friend who had taken me to the hospital. Drained me a bit, we had a smoke in the garden, and I went upstairs to get something and he found me like this.

I might do a little series of the life of my bed for my Sanctuary project in Photography.
And no, I don't mean taking pictures of what you're thinking.

Other than this, I took a day out today to have to myself. The weekend has been full of running around other people, and I needed to be alone for a moment.
Plus, Monday's are the most useless days ever. Photography 11-12, a three and a half hour gap, then Digital Imagery 3:30-5.
Waste of a day, in my opinion.
After I stop watching this next episode of Boys Before Flowers, i'm going to get my ass upstairs and do my Levi's sketchbook, and at least two more designs.

I'm shitting bricks, though - I have until April 1st to get this finished. And my model isn't speaking to me, so I can't find out what size waist he is, to GET the jeans, to customise the jeans, then to photograph them.

I'm screwed.

This Andii is a doomed Andii.

Friday, 20 March 2009

So. New to this whole Blogspot thing, and I highly doubt I will stick to it for a long time, but there is nothing wrong with a try, now, is there? Hi. My name is Andii and i'm 17. I live in Fareham, South England, which is situated between Portsmouth and Southampton, on the South coast of England, in that funny little dip you can see in the bottom of it.
It's not that exciting.
At all.

I'm a Fashion student at Fareham College. I fucked up royally in my GCSEs two years ago, and didn't have enough GCSEs to go straight into the Fashion National Diploma, so I did a foundation course in Art and Design last year, and am now on my first year of Fashion.
Fashion will be mentioned a lot in this blog over time.
I like clothes, basically.
My course, however, is filled with girls who make arguments over skirts, and seemingly a lecturer who hates us. Who is only in charge because unfortunately our regular lecturer has cancer. Sad times.
Within my college course, we study Fashion, Photography, Technical Skills, Art History, Key Skills, Computers in Art, Life Drawing and Painting.
I get busy sometimes.

My personal style?
Well. It changes. I'm stupidly into Japanese Street Fashions, and that is where all my inspiration in styling and career choice happens to come from.
I dress different to how i'm feeling, some days I wear Lolita, some days I wear casual Japanese Punk, sometimes Gyaru.
Most of the time, it's a crazy, lazy mix between the two.
I'd like to say it works.

I'm also a representative for Fareham Youth Council, in which we plan events and attend meetings and stuff to try and make the town a better place for kids. Currently, we're organising free events in the summer for under 25s to attend.

I adore music. A lot. A LOT a lot. I play guitar, and I can play bass, drums, piano, trombone, tennerhorn and violin. I currently play a ESP Forest GT in see-thru black with newly-installed Seymour Duncan SH-13 Dimebucker pickups.
I get geeky with guitars sometimes.
I hang out with the music lot in college a lot, actually. It's nice to talk to people about guitars. Yum. Even if they find it shocking that a girl plays electric guitar like I do.

Getting onto musical tastes, predominantly I listen to Japanese Rock.
My favourite band in this Genre is Dir en grey, for which I have been a fan of for six years. Crazy.
But my music taste is never limited - in fact, far from.
I listen to Japanese Pop, Japanese Hip-Hop/R&B, Korean Pop and Hip-Hop/R&B and Chinese Pop
Outside of Asia, I listen to everything. Give me some Britney Spears, i'll love it, some Placebo, i'll adore it, Flo Rida? Please. Bullet For My Valentine? Thank you very much!
Literally, I listen to everything. I can't honestly ever limit myself to one genre of music.

Other than that, Coffee is a drug these days, smoking is lovely, and I like taking weekends away in London every month to see people that I really care about.
I'm pretty much, just a general seventeen year old girl.
I like parties, dancing, drinking, music, fashion, friends and taking too many pictures of myself.

So welcome.


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