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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Good Morning.

Well, I lie through my teeth on this occasion, sat here finally updating again at ten past ten on a Wednesday night.
We finally reached the end of the...spring term? Look at me, 17 years old, gone through three different stages of learning, and i'm not even sure on which term belongs where. But we've reached the end of it, and are now enjoying a beautifully sunny, if not a bit too windy, two weeks off of college.
It's only just begun, but I feel positive. This positive feeling, and re-discovering the copy of Haruki Murakami's collection 'Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman', led me out of my house and to the nearby park - not without a quick stop off at Soothills for a decent and most importantly - cheap cream bun, however. So me, my book, and my cream bun took a two hour gap out of life to enjoy a bit of alone-time, sat under a tree, wrapped around a good book with some good baked goods.

It's a refreshing feeling, really.

Talking of refreshing - by the time I get to college I should be fairly on top with all my work. Today, I bought my jeans to do up, my material to do this aforementioned "doing up" arrived today [£6.89 for two mts of black polycotton and five mts of satin ribbons with shipping ain't bad at all], and my dear Brother [from another mother] Kurt has agreed on modelling them.
Levi's should be checked by the time I go to London.
My Positively Too Dangerous To Sit Down dress is home, ready to be repaired, and I can probably easily find someone to shove themselves in it for a quick old shoot to get that one finally finished.

..Then I have mass amounts of other work, but my mind isn't on it. At all.

It's okay.

This Andii is a Optimistic Andii.