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Monday, 21 December 2009
I have worked out that there are people in my life that I really don't want to be there.

Not saying that they are so much friends, and not even so much as acquaintances, they just happen to exist in my life, and that existence bothers me so very much.

I suppose I'm a jealous old soul, yet I just can't get my head around people who sponge off their father's successes and riches. It's always the father, not even a generalisation, it's always the father. There have been instances arising in only the last few weeks with one of these people, who uses her fathers status to get just whatever she wants.
And I'm actually somewhat disturbed by the fact that everyone just lets her.

My only salvation is that once she's in university, she has no power, and with the way she acts, she won't have a clue what to do.
That makes me smile inside.

It also brings out my competitive streak. I'm really good at being lazy on command [and also when it suits me best], however, when I get to a point where someone who, to be fairer than fair, hardly does her own sewing and is less than a brilliant artist, yet gets distinctions in her work because of who she is and that she does actually do voluminous amounts of work [quality over quantity, RH? My arse.], honestly makes me so angry I take the anger out on the fact I just must be better than her. I'm more than capable. Now is time to kick her smug ass to the ground. And laugh.

I'm also ultimately annoyed by people with no personality.
A certain friend's girlfriend is the epitome of "Nothing" when it comes to a human. She has no intelligence, no physical appearance, no body shape and absolutely no personality.

Wait. I just thought, she's actually got something!! A shit-tonne of paranoia issues.
Myself and Dandylion have been puzzling forever about what exactly attracts my friend to this girl. ...... We'll tell you when we figure that one out.

Last port of call of annoyances happens to lie with those with no lives.
This usually ends up with a person with no personality, but the sheer fact that people have no friends outside of college/work actually bothers me something rotten.
Then again, I'm miss sociable here!!

In summary, I've managed to describe one person under the guise of many people in an array of "What really fucks me off...". Funny that.

This Andii is a Better Andii.

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Monday, 14 December 2009
Sooo. It's been a good while. I say this, as i've been without internet at home since 11th October, and on the 10th December, I finally got it back!!!
I hate people who forever go on about how fantastic their boyfriends are, but honestly, my boyfriend is fantastic, as he's given me a computer to actually get on with life and get back online.

First things first - I HAVE LAST.FM AGAIN.

UnderTheSin's Profile Page

I'm slightly obsessed with last.fm, to be fair, and that's ridiculous. What can I say, I love music!!

In other news, i've got to the point in college where EVERYTHING is about university. And it does terrify me, however, I want to go so badly, and I am, at this moment attempting to bring my grades up to hopefully get into either Westminster, LCF or Ravensbourne. This will be difficult, I feel.

Keep your fingers crossed, yeah? ;D

This Andii is a determined Andii.

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